Monday, March 21, 2016

Fergaliciously Nostalgic 2: The Remix

So, after a first successful attempt at guest blogging, it's time to keep the momentum going

(NASA is still relevant people)

As such I shall continue to discuss nostalgic points from my youth. Tailgating from the last post, it is time to tackle educational shows that masquerade as game shows! The #1 culprit has to be

That's right, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. Sure it had game show qualities like a competition, prizes and questions that if answered correctly you advance. You know what else has questions and answers that if correct you are rewarded... geography quizzes. I'm onto you educational system!

(She's onto you as well)

But really, the show was quite informative and I imagine helped encourage my thirst for knowledge. It was also perfectly set up to go an almost unlimited number of seasons (given good ratings).

(Darnit Chuck, you were on the upswing)

Carmen had potentially countless minions and they'd only get caught if the player figured out everything. I feel like everybody can use more of these type of shows. Trickery that educates people.

(Or was it all an illusion, Michael)