Thursday, September 22, 2011

When they said 'sit down,' I threw up

I recognize either the irony or the obviousness of posting something like this on my birthday, but in my defense I've been gathering it together for quite some time now.  

Maggie: oh my gosh, katie, sometimes i just wish i could be back in college, suuuuuch easy access to everyone i loved
Maggie: and I never had to wear pants

Bre: i hate being a grown up
Me: what's up, buttercup?
Bre: just looking at your status
and am reminded of times when maggie didn't have to wear pants

Left to right: Bre, Amanda, Maggie and me. Brown's Philosophy of Life class.

Jose: cause [college] was paradise, a perfect haven for us 
Jose: you could do anything and everything was alright. there was an unspoken code, a way of life 
Jose: it was an ancient time, a gentleman's game played by monsters

I hearby present to you: 

We Are Not Grownups Yet, An Annual Reinforcement Of What We Already Knew

How it works: Everyone's been whining about how they hate being an adult, blah blah blah.  In what on television would be called a "cop-out montage," I hereby present an annual review of proof that we are still as immature as the day we met:

Katharine: i just made a quarter by eating a nerd off the floor

Eamonn: BTW, I just bought a Wii, and we've been playing Wii Baseball in the lab all day 
Eamonn: when i say we, I'm including the consultant who's billing us $300 an hour

Mary: you do realize that in the course of one week we are seeing a 3D Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana concert movie and then the Spice Girls live? I feel like I should grow my bangs out again or something

Kerry:  i just got into a fight with a homeless man about the mets v cubs  
Paul:  That's funny, I just got into a fight with a homeless man over a quarter

Mary: I fell off a pyramid.

Me: My parents are in california
Ryan: Wait, empty house? KATIEFEST 4

Cat: my parents are leaving for new orleans on thurs.  ....why was my first thought PARTY

√Čamonn: a few drinks in 4 of us went to CVS, and while there found a Slip-n-slide

Katharine: then he twittered at the same time about a girl being super wasted in front of him.  and its like, well on the one hand, i made benji madden's twitter feed.  on the other, i threw up in a bar.

Bre: so I got into my frist motorcycle accident this weekend
Bre: ask me if the bike was moving
it wasn't
I was making "VROOM" noises and then the bike fell on my leg

Maggie: Plus, I love that you got an email entitled "due to your relationship with KegBus...."  hahahha

Sal: So I have clients in the office today and I'm expecting a shipment of nerf swords from amazon.
Kind of a lot depends on their packaging job.

Love you guys.

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  1. I can't tell you how many times I smiled and even - dare I say it?? - LOL'd* during this. Not sure whether Eamonn's $300 consultant or Sal's nerf swords are my favorite....

    *Yet another indication of non-grown-up-ness. That's a technical term. You may use it, if you wish.