Friday, September 2, 2011

Six years later you find yourself singing "Surrey with the Fringe on Top" in front of Ira

Let's talk about coffee tables.

David and I need a coffee table.  Specifically we need one today, because David is hosting a fantasy draft (read: I am hosting a fantasy draft) party (read: gathering where guys stare soundlessly at their computers while eating food) and there is no place for the food and laptops to go.

I tried to get a coffee table.  I wanted one like this:

Because it freaking matched, David.  We have wood just like that for our couch AND for those artsy shelf thingies in the corner and the blue is really, really close!

But then I underbid.

So I bid (get it?? get it??) my time, and another one just like that showed up, except white, which was even better, David, because then I could have made it into a project, and painted it or stained it or something and it would have been awesome.

But David didn't really like that one, he wanted something like this:

And I will be honest with you, a coffee table with moving parts scares me.  I just see bad, bad things happening as a result of those moving parts.  Or, more likely, because this is my life, the table would be permanently stuck in that position.

But then he got me thinking.  And I was like, you want moving parts, buddy?  I'll show you moving parts:

That's right.  An aquarium coffee table. Those goldfish can really move.

David liked that one a little too much, though, and I was legitimately worried that I would have an aquarium coffee table until he found this gem:

That worried me even more.  Confession: I'm not good at foosball, and thus I don't like foosball.  Life is easy when you stack the cards in your favor, folks. 

And then, FINALLY, I found this coffee table, and the search was over.  No moving parts, but it symbolizes moving parts, AND it matches the room!  Perfect!

Compromise, David.  It's what marriage is all about.

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