Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Speaking of Books and Nerds

Don't know if anyone out there ever reads SF Signal (probably not, sigh), but they came up with a pretty great flowchart to navigate NPR's list of the Top 100 Science Fiction novels of all time.  No Young Adult allowed, so no Harry Potter, but pretty fun nonetheless. Click on image below for expanded chart.


  1. I think that reading books again is so valuable - you get a great deal more with multiple readings. And speaking of children's books, how about the Aslan conspiracy in Narnia? That really stands out to me.

    *wandered over here from own blog* Hullo, fellow reader.

  2. A... flowchart... about books... I'm not even going to critique their choices (so far) (except to say that Mistborn was BAD. The 'magic' system(s) was (were) pretty interesting, but the story was... well, not.) I'm just going to print it out and bask in its glow a while.

  3. I know right? I kinda want to see if I can make one for the Modern Library (or Radcliffe)'s Top 100 Novels. May require more Photoshop than I am capable of, but hey, that's what friends are for...