Monday, November 14, 2011

Let's clear this up.

Screech fit right in.

Let's clear this up: you can't get a 1502 on your SATs, and Stanford is NOT the Harvard of the West.  Besides that, everything was completely realistic.


  1. Caffeine pill addiction was a real epidemic back in Bayside. I was happy somebody finally went against the caffeine lobby and showed what could happen to a promising pop-group when the gateway drug is introduced. You know why Tori was never seen besides that 1 random season? Caffeine pill addiction.

  2. I'm so excited....I'm so excited...I'm so _scared_.

  3. Don't even get me started on Stacey Carosi. Her caffeine pill addiction led her to witness relocation and least I heard she was married on the east coast to some budget UPS driver...