Thursday, November 10, 2011

Milestones are Important

After a year plus of huge changes (we got married! I got a new job! We bought our first condo! We got a family plan for our cell phones! etc), it seemed like the 'newness' was drawing to a bittersweet close. But last night, hubs and I hit yet another major milestone.

Are you ready?

I'll wait....

We had our first kitchen fire.

All together now:  


Here's a tip for all you amateur cooks out there: the appropriate reaction to squeezing something like a massive hunk of French bread into a toaster oven is not "Amazing! Victory!" but rather something more measured, along the lines of "Hm. That appears to be awfully close to the heating coils."

The worst part? Now hubby has a justifiable reason for his obsession with smoke alarms. FAIL.

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