Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ruminations on This Blog on its 2nd Month Anniversary

Some important and fun facts:

1. People have come to this blog via some of the following google search keywords:

  • kegbus average tip
  • positive reinforcement
  • celebrity with hemochromatosis
  • cluster headaches
  • guy in empty house

I admit, I'd be most perplexed about the positive reinforcement, but who googles the address of a blog instead of just typing it in?

2. We have some regular Russian readers.  Zdravstvuj, comrades!  You are my favorite readers.  The rest of you may fight to the death for second place.

3. I have clearly come a long way from my fear of having an internet presence.  Now you all know about my little family of oxygen tanks.

The oldest one I shall call "Oscar."

4.  I've learned a lot in the last two months of blogging.  For instance, things that are conducive to blogging: 
  • boredom
  • professional ruts 
  • wine 
  • rants by people I do not  like 
Things that are not conducive to blogging: 
  • cluster headaches 
  • hospitals 
  • forced sobriety 
  • not being able to look at lights 

I promise a triumphant return to the former.  

Although I may keep Oscar.  He's cuddly.


  1. Happy Anniversary! To be fair to the demonspawn that is the cluster headaches, they have provided some excellent material. Let's see if you can get some Outer Mongolians to read.

  2. KEGBUS! I've been on one of those...oddly enough, with you :)

  3. I beg for a KegBUS blog post and also one about crazy Georgetown ladies who will stalk a KegBUS all around DC.