Friday, January 27, 2012

Google Thinks I'm an Old Man

So I have my preferences.  If you have spent time with me socially, you've probably heard me proclaim my preference for "old man bars." 

Last night David and I were watching 30 Rock, and Liz Lemon, during her search for her new best friend, realized she needed to go to someplace where people with similar interests to her would hang out.  She goes to the bathroom of a local Barnes & Noble.  David lovingly patted my arm.

Time for cookie pants!

So yesterday morning I received an email from Google outlining its new privacy policy.  Unlike most of you, I read it.  And honestly, I don't see what the fuss is about.  It's only sharing information about you amongst the Google products you use, which they kinda already did.  I use a lot of Google products.  This doesn't particularly bother me.  They're not sharing outside of Google.  And I keep denying them my phone number or the ability to make a public profile to a minimum of hassle.

So, here's the fun part.  If you go exploring into your account, you can find exactly who Google thinks you are, based on your searches and preferences, right here.

The conclusion? 

Google thinks I'm a 65+ year old man.


  1. I am a 25-34 year old Man. NAILED it Google! Altho they probably would have been closer guessing 10-15 year old boy.

  2. Where are you in that bottom photo? Florida?