Friday, January 20, 2012

Growing Pains, Pajamas and Other Things From When We Were Young

After a bit of a hiatus, our weekly feature of the most crucial news of the week (and then some), along with some other features you shouldn't miss.  In this week, we remember all the things we loved as teenagers but aren't fit for public consumption: pajamas, Nigerian lovers and boy bands.

With Loungewear Trend, Teens Wear Pajamas All Day
The Wall Street Journal
As with a lot of teen behavior, some adults are annoyed. In Louisiana's Caddo Parish, which encompasses Shreveport, Commissioner Michael Williams is getting national attention for taking a stand. He plans to propose an ordinance outlawing the wearing of pajamas in public.
"The moral fiber in America is dwindling away," Mr. Williams says. "It's pajamas today; what is it going to be tomorrow? Walking around in your underwear?" 


In Milan, a Zoo Roams Large
The New York Times
By the time the fall men’s collections came to a close here on Tuesday, and editors and retailers made their way to Paris for more men’s shows, there was a slight feeling of having just visited the zoo. Well, that sensation often comes after Fashion Week, but this time, there really were a lot of animals, appearing on the clothes.  

Vaclav Havel: Thousands honour late Czech leader
BBC News
It now lies inside the 15th-century Vladislav Hall from where current President Vaclav Klaus- who often clashed with Havel on the direction of the country after communism- described his predecessor as a "remarkable personality" and a "brave man of firm opinions" who is 'difficult to classify."

Norway: Embarrassed by Butter Shortage
The Wall Street Journal
“The worst thing is the hoarding,” she said. “Some people sit there with a mountain of butter that will expire. People don’t seem able to share. This raises some philosophical questions. What happens when there is a shortage of something? Do we show solidarity, or is it every man for himself?”

Virginia to Washington, DC: Keep your rats to yourself
LA Times
Cuccinelli told that Washington’s Wildlife Protection Act of 2010 requires pest control companies to capture rats "and capture them in families -- you figure out how you’re going to do that with rats -- and then you’ve got to relocate them." He's worried they’ll end up in Virginia.
Maryland State Delegate Patrick McDonough said in an interview Friday that he plans to introduce the Rat Trafficking Act to block the relocation of any rats to his state.  

'Male model' wins stay on deportation
The Irish Times
A Nigerian man whose Irish ex-girlfriend alleged he deceived her into thinking he was a former male model working for a UK property firm when he had a criminal record has secured a temporary stay on his deportation order.  The man came here in March 2009 with a Nigerian passport in the name of another man, Mr X, which had a valid Irish entry visa, plus an Austrian identity card. He presented himself at immigration as Mr X but sought asylum under his real name.  

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