Monday, February 6, 2012

Did you read?

Matt:  so how did you discover the article about Dave and Beth?
me actually i was looking for articles for the blog and saw the caption "i just remember being really, really happy"
and clicked on it
and hence the discovery
Matt because evidently you found it before they even knew it was up
me:  hahahahaha
well i read a lot of news
Matt:  didn't know you were such a Wash. Post fan
i like trashy news like NY Post
me:  hahahah i mean, it's my job
so i read the nyt, wsj, wp
and then for fun, the la times
and of course CQ and all the hill rags
Matt:  http://ww​​.com/watc​h?v=P7VgN​QbZdaw   

Matt:  take that, nerd!

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