Thursday, February 2, 2012

Awkward moments that kind of make you either want to cry or laughhysterically.

1. When your headphones aren't plugged in and the entire office hears you start playing Salt & Peppa's "Push It" on blast

2. When you take said iPhone to the Apple Service and the first song that comes up to play is Britney's Hit Me Baby. (Even better when the second is that ridiculous joke song, "I know my calculus, it says you + me = us" )

Not joking.

3. When you admit the more embarrassing additions to your iPod to an entire blogging community.

4. When you take the dogs out wearing a pair of fleece pants, glasses, and bed hair at 3am and the most beautiful man in the world watches you trip over their leashes.

5. When you try to use a q-tip and have your earbuds in (oh wait, that's another post)

6. When you fall off of a pyramid (hahaha, oh right another post :P)

7. When you think a guy is leaning in to kiss you because it may or may not have been a date, and then you lean in too and he doesn't. (Seriously, I'll stop now, I promise)

8. When you receive an email from one of your contractors, not in reference to your work, but with a "your boss said you were single, and so is one of my reps, and we thought you'd really hit it off... Can I give him your number?" and you realize that your office is trying to pimp you out. :P

9. While mobile app text typing this blog post on the metro, you nearly miss the metro doors closing and have to make a beeline to get off, mowing people down so as to not have to take the Greenline into ANACOSTIA.

10. When you get an urgent email FROM YOUR MOTHER with info about the Pfizer birth control recall and the subject line is not, "Does this affect you?" which would be embarrassing enough, but "Do you think you're pregnant??"



  1. I don't know about you Mary, but I hear the hardest part of breaking up... is getting back your stuff.

    1. Hey now Kaz....say it, don't spray it. I want the news, not the weather.

    2. I'd like to continue this chain, but they really only had 2 songs.

  2. One night at the bar, I saw a guy I knew and he leaned towards me, so I leaned in as well, figuring we were doing the kiss on the cheek greeting. We weren't. He was leaning in to get closer to my ear to ask where my friend was while I was awkwardly trying to kiss his cheek. This came right after someone else went in for just the hug greeting and I went for the cheek kiss. I put a year long moratorium on the cheek kiss then and there.