Friday, February 10, 2012

Jobs, Home Ownership and Other Crazy Things People Do

I manage to kiss up to David AND make fun of Katy Perry all while reporting on the news in this week's edition of Stuff You Didn't Read When it Came Out and Still Won't Read Now.  

For the pro athlete, it's just a job
The LA Times
Here, let me write it again for that Patriots die-hard who still hasn't slept, for that Lakers lover who is suffering from a stress disorder, for any professional sports fan who has literally cried in his beer while assuming his heroes are doing the same.

The players don't care as much as you do.

He disagrees.  Down two points for Plaschke.

Men of Steel, Fanboys of Paper and Ink
 The New York Times
Actually, everyone involved in “Comic Book Men” is a bit of a jerk in his own way, which is what makes the show, despite all the reality-TV staging, one of the more authentic portrayals of aimless post-collegiate American life that you’ll see this side of Richard Linklater. It’s diverting, a little sad, a little boring, full of geeky macho posturing and ultimately pointless, much like a Wednesday afternoon in a comic-book shop. 


Try Medieval Hot Pants? Surely, You Joust
The New York Times
It was a balmy 72 degrees, room temperature, when a squire — or “ground crew,” his title nowadays — crammed me into this gear. (No way you’ll ever get it on by yourself.) At the 5-minute mark the temperature hit what seemed like 200, and now, at 10 minutes, it’s 350, the roasting point for a turkey. Hmm; perhaps that is no coincidence. 

Honestly, this is what came up when I googled "medieval hot pants."

K St: The route of all evil, or just the main drag?
The Washington Post
Think of K Street as the medulla oblongata of Washington — the reptilian part of the brain stem that automates circulation and breathing, contributes to overall sentience and, when malfunctioning, causes imbalance, dizziness and vomiting.

Granite: Why every homeowner wants a piece of the rock
The Washington Post
Laminate was a countertop. Wood was a countertop. Granite is . . . what? A pursuit. An ambition. A glossy, reflective surface that allows us to gaze at ourselves and know where we stand (we stand in front of the computer watching videos on about how to clean countertops).

An alternate piece of the rock.

If Silicon Valley Costs a Lot Now, Wait Until the Facebook Update
Silicon Valley has been good to Mr. DeLeon, a former lawyer, who said he sold $275 million worth of homes last year, and who is finishing up a memoir about overcoming illness, injury and loss that he calls “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Sexy People?”    



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